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Get powerful Push-to-talk service from Bell.

Bell has led the way in next generation Push-to-talk technology, making PTT service available on Canada’s largest LTE network1 with extensive roaming coverage in the U.S., covering more than 90% of the U.S. population. As the first Canadian carrier to bring PTT service on the 4G network to Canada and the US, you can also use Push-to-talk service securely over a local Wi-Fi network, keeping you connected wherever your business takes you.

With PTT service from Bell, you can connect instantly to one or all of your team members simultaneously, no matter where they are currently located.

See how PTT increases productivity at the push of a button

Access to Canada’s largest LTE network and extensive coverage in the U.S.

Connect instantly in more places coast to coast using Canada’s largest LTE network that covers over 93% of the national population, including major centres in the Atlantic provinces2. Plus, stay connected in the U.S. with roaming coverage and secure coverage over Wi-Fi.

View Canada coverage map

View U.S. coverage map

Bell offers a full suite of PTT devices, accessories and business solutions

  • Bell offers an incredible line-up of PTT enabled devices and accessories.
  • Bell was the first Canadian carrier to offer PTT on the world’s toughest phones from Sonim, including the exclusive intrinsically safe Sonim XP5560 BOLT 2 IS.
  • Combine your PTT service with Dispatch options, Asset & Fleet management and Workforce Safety & management solutions from Bell.
PTT Devices
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Instant communication meets blazing-fast data.

Connect using Push-to-talk in less than one second. Plus email, text or browse the Web simultaneously with Canada’s largest LTE network that gives you blazing fast speeds.

Buy an eligible phone with PTT and get a second phone free.

Bonus: Purchase the $15/mo. unlimited nationwide PTT add-on and get the first month free at no charge.*



Bell offers an impressive PTT device line-up.

Bell offers a large selection of PTT enabled rugged phones, superphones and smartphones.

Equip your team in the field with the best selection of dust and waterproof devices that are built to handle just about anything, while providing multi-taskers in the office with the latest PTT enabled superphones and smartphones. All PTT enabled devices are compatible with each other, allowing you to mix and match based on your businesses needs.

Manage your contacts online in real-time

Bell provides a robust cloud based tool that allows you or an administrator to easily manage and update your PTT contacts and groups within or outside your company, all in just seconds.

PTT securely
and worry free.

PTT from Bell runs on a dedicated network to ensure security, reliability and performance. An encrypted radio link between the tower and your device ensures only approved traffic gets through. An additional layer of encryption also protects your conversations when communicating over Wi-Fi. So whether you are on a the Bell network or using a local Wi-Fi network, you can use PTT securely and worry free.

Manage dispatch operations efficiently using the PTT Dispatch Console from Bell

Bell is the only Canadian carrier that offers a dispatch solution allowing dispatchers to make PTT calls to one or many workers right from a Windows PC. The PTT Dispatch Console offers seamless integration with PTT to improve efficiency and connect dispatchers from a central location with their team whether they are on the road or in the field.

PTT Dispatch Console Features

  • PTT Groups - PTT group monitoring that allows you to view the activity of a group, start a call or join one.
  • Call Recording - Allows you to record select or all PTT calls and replay them when required
  • Multiple map modes - Map the location of mobile PTT users with multiple map modes. Track fleet members in near-real time*. Reach customers on time, every time, by rerouting fleet members to avoid high traffic areas

*Location updates every 15 minutes.This feature is only available with select devices


  • Seamless integration with PTT: PTT and Dispatch orders from the same console
  • Improved efficiency and business productivity
  • Monitor fleet in real-time with insights to their changing schedules
  • Enhance route planning with real-time traffic status from Google maps

See how Bell's trusted Push-to-talk service compares.

See for yourself how Bell has lead the way for PTT technology in Canada, from greater coverage to more great devices to choose from. See how Bell compares to a new PTT service, TELUS Link™.

  Bell Telus Link
Network LTE, 4G, HSPA and Wi-Fi across Canada 4G, HSPA, LTE and Wi-Fi across Canada
Largest selection of PTT enabled rugged devices Supported Not Supported
Powered by a PTT solution trusted by leading U.S. carriers.* Supported Not Supported
Enhanced Self Administered Advanced Online Contact management Supported Not Supported
Create up to 100 groups per devices with up to 250 users each Supported Not Supported
PTT Dispatch Console Supported Not Supported
PTT over Wi-Fi Supported Supported
US coverage Supported Supported
Intrinsically safe device Supported Supported
Integrated Lone Worker / 24-7 Worker Safety solution Supported Supported
Simultaneous voice and data Supported Supported
Presence status Supported Supported

Read the case studies to see Bell PTT in action.

See how others are using Bell Mobility PTT services to help stay in touch, save time and costs, and work more efficiently.



What is PTT coverage in Canada?
PTT transmits on a 4G network (HSPA/HSPA+). The 4G network provides coverage to over 97% of the Canadian population to almost 20,000 cities and towns across Canada.
Does PTT work on Wi-Fi?
PTT is not compatible with Wi-Fi.
What can I expect for data speeds on PTT?
Data speeds are dictated by the PTT capable device. In the case of LTE devices, if PTT is enabled, they will be limited to HSPA/HSPA+ data speeds.
Will PTT work when out of HSPA coverage?
No. PTT requires a HSPA connection to function.

U.S. & International roaming

Will PTT work internationally?
PTT will work in Canada and the U.S but not internationally.
How much data does a PTT call use while roaming in the US?
PTT use is approximately 125KB per minute.

Pricing and rates

Do PTT calls use plan minutes?
PTT calls do not use plan minutes.
Is there a charge to use PTT while travelling in Canada?
When subscribed to PTT service, it is unlimited everywhere in Canada.
Will roaming rates be charged for using PTT while in the US?
Yes. Usage is charged per MB.
Is PTT available on prepaid service?
No. PTT is only available on postpaid.

PTT capable devices

PTT is supported on a growing range of devices:

Will PTT be available on more devices in the future, for example: Apple?
More devices will be PTT capable in the near future.

Service and features

Will email delivery be impacted while using PTT?
No. Simultaneous PTT voice and data is supported.
What is Presence Status?
Presence Status shows the current availability of PTT subscribers (Available, Do Not Disturb) or offline.
Is a special phone number required for PTT?
No. The number that works for traditional voice calls is the same number for PTT calls.
If I receive a PTT call while on a regular voice call, what happens?
You will be notified of a missed PTT call which you will be able to check once your voice call is complete.
If I receive a regular voice call while on a PTT call, what happens?
You will be prompted to take the voice call, if you do, the PTT call will go on hold. Once your voice call is complete, you can return to the PTT call if it is still active.
How many individuals can be included in a group PTT call?
Up to 100 individuals in a corporate group or 30 in a public group.
What’s the call set up time for PTT?
The call set up for PTT is less than 1 second.

10-4 service

What will happen to the 10-4 network?
The 10-4 network will remain active; however PTT is now the preferred service type.
Will a 10-4 device work with PTT service?
No. 10-4 devices work on a CDMA network; PTT works on a 4G network.
Can 10-4 devices and PTT devices communicate with each other?
No. There will be no interoperability between the 10-4 and PTT services.

* Speed may vary due to topography, environmental conditions, device type and other factors.

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