4G LTE Novatel Wireless™ U679 - Turbo Stick

The 4G LTE Novatel Wireless U679 Turbo Stick is a USB modem with super-fast maximum download speeds of up to 75 Mbps1 (expected average download of 12-25 Mbps) on the LTE network, which has already started to roll out. Check availability of LTE in your area.

If the LTE network is not yet available in your area, buy the Turbo Stick now and use it on the HSPA+ network.

This Turbo Stick is only available for purchase by calling 1 888 4 MOBILE.

2 Year $0.00

No term $199.95

Find out more about the LTE network , including coverage area and speeds outside of the network.

Coverage availability: LTE is currently available in select locations across Canada. Use the interactive coverage map to check which speeds are available in your area. Then, view the LTE Mobile Internet Flex plan, required to access LTE. To learn more about LTE in the future, sign up for information.

How the plan works

This is great for people whose usage needs change from month to month. Your monthly fee automatically adjusts according to your monthly data usage, so you always get the best rate.

of data

$10 / mo.

If data use exceeds 100MB, automatically move to $30/mo.

of data

$30 / mo.

If data use exceeds 500MB, automatically move to $45/mo.

of data

$45 / mo.

If data use exceeds 2GB, automatically move to $60/mo.

of data

$60 / mo.

If data use exceeds 5GB, automatically move to $85 tier.

of data

$85 / mo.

If data use exceeds 10GB, automatically move to $105/mo.

of data

$105 / mo.

If data exceeds 15 GB, $10 per additional GB will be charged.

Additional plan information

  • Plan includes unlimited access to Canada's largest Wi-Fi network, including participating McDonald's®, Indigo® and Chapters® locations.
  • One-time connection charge applies ($15).
  • U.S. data roaming: $3/MB

To get this device:

Call us at 1 888 832-7221 Call us at 1 888 832-7221