Cisco Wireless Interface

  • Quick and easy installation of auxiliary wireless system
  • Ensures business continuity against ISDN, cable and DSL network failure
  • Operates on the core and high speed mobile networks

Whether you need to protect your high speed data communications against broadband interruptions, or quickly set up temporary connectivity, Cisco Wireless Interface Card from Bell is the ideal wireless solution for your business. Operating independently of your traditional broadband services, Cisco Wireless Interface Card - a highly robust, auxiliary communications system - delivers adaptive wireless connectivity for your essential applications. A plug-compatible wireless module, Cisco Wireless Interface Card can be quickly and easily installed, providing reliable connectivity to your Cisco ISR. Get the connection you need - with either the comprehensive signal coverage of the core network or with the high speed mobile network, the fastest and largest mobile network across North America1. Securely deliver critical information from remote areas without broadband coverage, and ensure business continuity in the event of network outages or major infrastructure failures.

Download Cisco Wireless Interface Card spec sheet (PDF)
Download Cisco Wireless Interface Card Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Tracking plans

$30 / mo.


$40 / mo.


$55 / mo.


$65 / mo.


Additional plan information

  • Additional data 5¢/MB
  • Charges for data in the U.S. $6/MB
  • Want to share? Additional $5/mo. per member.

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